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5 Steps To Keep away from Them

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity is a gap within the tooth that happens due to untreated tooth decay. Cavities are often called an early stage of progressive tooth decay.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are attributable to our enamel being in touch with plaque acids for too lengthy, leading to mineral loss within the enamel.

Brushing and flossing can eliminate the plaque, however in the event you don’t observe correct oral hygiene, the acids erode the enamel and trigger openings or gaps known as cavities.

What Does a Cavity Look Like?

A cavity seems as a gap on the highest or aspect of a tooth. If left untreated, tooth decay will go beneath a tooth’s enamel layer and have an effect on the dentin and pulp layers.

This may result in infections, abscesses, ache, and finally tooth loss.

Who’s at Danger for Cavities?

Kids eating candy, putting them at risk for cavities

Folks in danger for cavities are… everybody! Every particular person can have their very own danger components similar to oral hygiene, weight loss plan, genetics, and dental historical past.

For many, lowering sugars and acids in your enamel will decrease the chance of future cavities.

It’s essential to speak to your dental skilled to evaluate your danger and concentrate on prevention. In the event you undergo from power circumstances that put you at excessive danger, you possibly can enhance your safety by utilizing pH elevated dental merchandise particularly designed to neutralize decay-causing acids.

5 Steps to Keep away from & Forestall Cavities

1. Brush Your Enamel Twice Each day

Brushing within the morning and the night earlier than bedtime reduces the variety of meals particles that stay contained in the ridge creases on the highest of your enamel, giving the micro organism much less leftover meals to eat.

2. Floss Each day

Floss at the least as soon as per day, ideally earlier than bedtime. Flossing decreases the variety of leftover meals particles in between enamel, lowering the possibility of forming interproximal caries.

3. Restrict Candy Snacks

Cut back your common consumption of sugary meals. The much less sugar you give the micro organism, the much less acid they produce.

4. Go to Your Dentist Recurrently

Go to your dentist twice yearly for an intensive cleansing. Even with the very best brushing and flossing habits, there will be dental areas which might be arduous to achieve.

Common dental visits for cleanings guarantee these hard-to-reach areas are totally cleaned and permit a dental skilled to look at your enamel for specialised suggestions.

5. Cut back Your Common Consumption of Acidic Meals

Cut back your common consumption of acidic meals. When the micro organism in your enamel are already producing dangerous acids, it’s greatest to keep away from meals that give them any assist.

WedMD gives a deeper clarification of acidic meals that can assist you resolve which of them to keep away from.

CariFree Merchandise That Assist Forestall Cavities

Specializing in pH elevated and remineralizing dental merchandise is without doubt one of the greatest defenses towards cavities. CariFree’s Gel 1100 combines confirmed anti-cavity advantages together with .24% fluoride, nano-hydroxyapatite and patented pH+ know-how to neutralize acids.

In the event you’re in search of further safety, think about including in our Moisturizing Oral Spray or Upkeep Rinse to supply additional pH safety.

Do you presently have cavities? Our 3-month Therapy Equipment accommodates all it is advisable kill germs and reset the biofilm. Don’t neglect to additionally go to your dentist for an evaluation!

Gel 1100 Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

CariFree Gel 1100


Trying to remineralize your enamel, stop cavities, and enhance your general oral well being? Meet our Gel 1100!

This low abrasion tooth gel combines confirmed anti-cavity advantages together with .24% fluoride, nano-hydroxyapatite and our distinctive, patented pH+ know-how to neutralize acids.

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Moisturizing Oral Spray

CariFree Oral Spray


Do you know dry mouth is a serious danger issue for cavities? One thing so simple as starting a brand new treatment can disrupt the stability of your mouth and trigger cavities or different points to start.

Our oral moisturizing spray is a straightforward strategy to defend your mouth with xylitol and our patented pH+ know-how to neutralize acids.

A buyer favourite for on-the-go prevention after meals, particularly for teenagers!

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Upkeep Rinse

CariFree Maintenance Rinse


Make certain to achieve the locations your toothbrush is lacking! This every day rinse will assist keep your long-term oral well being by offering the anti-cavity advantages of fluoride, pH neutralization and xylitol.

Our alcohol and dye-free Upkeep Rinse is the right selection for safeguarding your enamel.

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Therapy Equipment

CariFree Treatment Kit


In the event you’re experiencing or at-risk for cavities, it’s because of an overpopulation of cavity-causing micro organism within the biofilm.

Our Therapy Rinse is particularly designed to deal with and cut back these micro organism together with neutralizing the pH and selling a wholesome biofilm to additional cut back your danger of recent cavities.

This product is actually a game-changer on your dental well being!

This 3-month package accommodates Therapy Rinse for antibacterial remedy, plus our Gel 1100 for every day brushing.

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Forestall Cavities FAQs

Correct oral hygiene is important, however utilizing an antibacterial rinse to reset your biofilm is your greatest protection.

There may be ample scientific proof that demonstrates that fluoride strengthens the enamel, makes them much less prone to acid assaults, and inhibits the manufacturing of acids by cavity-causing micro organism.

Whereas early indicators of tooth decay, similar to small white spots, will be remineralized, an precise gap within the tooth have to be repaired by a dentist.

Whereas every particular person has their very own danger components (some out of their management), for a lot of it’s attainable to fully stop cavities by issues like oral hygiene and weight loss plan.

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