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An Interview With Dr Stefanie Williams – Lovely With Brains

is your diet aging you?

What’s the perfect food regimen for pores and skin glowing?

I by no means paid a lot consideration to what I ate. If it tasted good, it went into my mouth. In any other case, I left it on my plate.

That each one modified once I got here to London. This place is far more polluted than Senigallia, my hometown. To not point out, how chaotic it’s. I’m working greater than ever (that’s good, I LOVE my job) whereas attempting to stability a loving relationship and maintaining some kind of social life.

I would like power, yo! And safety in opposition to these nasty toxins. All stuff that comes from meals. So…

I overhauled my food regimen. Ate my oats within the morning, my a number of parts of fruits all through the day and swapped sugar for honey. I even splurged on Actimel and protein bars. And had loads of veggies, after all.

I believed I used to be doing every thing proper.

Then, I met Dr Stefanie Williams, founder and Medical Director of the Eudelo clinic in London. Her e-book, “Future Proof Your Pores and skin: Sluggish Down Your Organic Clock By Altering The Means You Eat” shocked me to the core.

Seems, most of my efforts had been in useless. Heck, some even made issues worse! I might let you know, however I’d fairly let Dr Stefanie communicate.

After sharing what the perfect and worst meals on your pores and skin are, she’s again to set the document straight on what wholesome meals are actually wholesome and which aren’t, find out how to eat healthily out and about, what at some point in her food regimen is like, and the perfect food regimen for pores and skin glowing:

1. Within the first a part of the interview, you talked about sugar is dangerous on your pores and skin. What about fructose? Is it a good suggestion to restrict your fruit consumption and, if that’s the case, how?

Don’t simply assume that pure sweeteners are a wholesome various to desk sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Although the packet gladly advertises that it accommodates ‘no synthetic sweeteners’, these pure sweeteners might need the identical unfavourable results in your pores and skin that consuming a number of tablespoons of sugar would. Many pure sweeteners resembling honey or maple syrup trigger your blood sugar ranges to skyrocket similar to unusual desk sugar does. Their consumption ought to due to this fact even be moderated.

The favored agave syrup, which is touted because the saint of all sweeteners could be very excessive in fructose. And, the dangerous information is that fructose isn’t any higher than regular, on a regular basis sugar. In actual fact, fructose has been proven to trigger oxidative stress and result in insulin resistance, which is horrible for our pores and skin and longevity. And it’s much more highly effective than desk sugar in creating the dreaded ‘Superior Glycation Finish merchandise’ in our total physique. So my advice is to keep away from fructose-rich sweeteners resembling agave syrup. A little bit of fructose in its pure type although, ie low-sugar fruit resembling blueberries, is, in my view, OK, so long as you don’t overdo it.

2. Seeds are stated to be tiny dietary powerhouses however, in your e-book, you talked about they’ve advanced to comprise toxins in order that they wouldn’t be eaten. So, ought to we eat them moderately or keep away from them fully?

Seeds are likely to comprise increased ranges of phytic acid than nuts and may comprise excessive ranges of omega-6 fatty acids, so go straightforward on seeds, though I don’t advise to keep away from them fully.

After all, seeds are nowhere close to as dangerous as seed oils, because the fatty acids in our intact seeds are far more protected and seeds additionally comprise pure antioxidants. So whereas omega-6 wealthy seeds oils are an entire no from me, unprocessed seeds moderately are completely nice. They’re a pure meals with many advantages. Nevertheless, they simply shouldn’t be eaten in extra.

Additionally – there’s a simple trick to decrease the phytic acid stage in seeds. My tip for consuming seeds is to soak them in a single day, to take away giant elements of their phytic acid. For that place your seeds in a glass bowl with filtered water at room temperature. Depart to face in a single day. This basically initiates the germination course of – we’re mimicking Mom Nature. Rinse them the following morning and lay out to dry. They’ve a terrific crunchy consistency when soaked.

3. After studying your e-book, I’ve realised that a whole lot of meals which can be touted as wholesome aren’t that wholesome in any case! Are you able to set the document straight on these tremendous meals as soon as and for all and whether or not they need to be a part of our food regimen or not?


Quinoa isn’t as nice because it’s popularity, in my view. It accommodates for instance pure toxins referred to as saponins. Saponins are soap-like substances produced by the plant as a pure pesticide, which can result in tiny holes in our intestine cells. Nevertheless, though quinoa is certainly not perfect, at the least it’s higher than conventional grains, as they’ve a decrease glycaemic index/load, are gluten-free and are extra nutritious, containing increased contents of amino acids, nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Harmless Smoothie

Prepared made smoothies are, in my view, glorified sugar water. Whereas it’s nice to have complete fruits moderately, as a result of they comprise fiber and have a a lot decrease GI, it’s best to keep away from ingesting fruit juices, even home-pressed ones. And the identical goes for fruit smoothies (home made vegetable smoothies are nice).

Skimmed Milk

For numerous causes I’m not eager on diary milk and have a tendency to have unsweetened almond milk as a substitute. Nevertheless, when you resolve to drink diary milk, I might go for natural complete fats, as full fats variations comprise much less milk sugar (lactose) and have a decrease GI (glycaemic index), so could have a much less pronounced affect in your blood sugar and insulin ranges. Curiously, a examine additionally confirmed that skimmed milk had a worse affect on pimples, in comparison with full fats variations. Nevertheless, even higher are fermented variations resembling kefir. That is fermented milk with billions of dwell micro organism. Fermentation of dairy merchandise additionally consumes a lot of the milk sugars and reduces IGF-1 (a progress issue) content material, which is sweet. It additionally improves their digestibility by breaking down a part of the casein protein.


Honey makes our blood sugar stage go up simply as desk sugar does and may due to this fact be utilized in moderation solely. Having stated that if I had to decide on both desk sugar or honey (‘gun to my head’ sort of state of affairs, you realize what I imply…), I would definitely select honey, as a result of it accommodates some bioactive elements aside from pure sugar. Nevertheless, its impact on our blood sugar stage (and enamel…) stays an issue.

Protein Bars

Protein bars fall underneath the no-processed-food rule. Something produced in a manufacturing facility is more likely to be a ‘faux meals’ and I might attempt to go for pure complete meals fairly than one thing industrially produced in a wrapper.


Oats are starch parcels that I select to not eat an excessive amount of both. Having stated that – they’re considerably higher than conventional grains, as they’ve a decrease glycaemic index/load, are gluten-free and are extra nutritious. Nevertheless, they’re vastly overrated in my view – they’re definitely not a superfood.


Bananas are tropical fruit excessive in fructose sugar, so consumption must be moderated. Higher fruit chooses could be berries or stone fruit resembling apples and pears.

Actimel (& Different Probiotic Drinks)

Manufacturing facility made probiotic drinks resembling Actimel are typically stuffed with sugar and I might not purchase them. I make my very own kefir at dwelling (attempt it, it’s very easy!), which accommodates much less sugar and extra good micro organism!

4. What are the perfect locations to purchase skin-friendly meals at, particularly when you’re on a finances? Natural greens and grass-fed meat may be costly!

Sure, sadly a FuturApproved manner of consuming is dearer than consuming processed junk. Nevertheless, it’s all about setting priorities (what may be extra vital than your well being?) and attempting to purchase non-processed and natural as a lot as you’ll be able to afford. Merely attempt to make good chooses.

5. Consuming out may be very difficult while you’re on a skin-friendly meals plan. What sort of eating places / quick meals chains do you suggest and what ought to we search for on the menu?

Sure, it’s difficult, however it’s slowly getting higher truly. Almost about quick meals/lunch, Pret-A-Manger now has some good chooses for instance. In eating places simply go for prime quality fish or meat with two vegetable dishes on the aspect. Nevertheless, it’s after all true that home made meals is at all times finest, as you realize precisely what’s in it, so for lunch I counsel making ready one thing to take into the workplace, as I do.

6. What recommendation would you give to somebody who understands the significance of chopping some meals out of her food regimen however isn’t prepared to surrender on her fave dishes, but? For instance, this Italian doesn’t wish to dwell with out pizza. I do know I might minimize it out of my food regimen fully, however I don’t wish to give it up for good – it’s too scrumptious! Am I doomed to ugly, wrinkled pores and skin earlier than my time?

No, you aren’t doomed! Simply attempt your finest – each sensible choice is a step in the suitable path, however nonetheless get pleasure from life, so in case you have the occasional ‘dangerous meals’, don’t beat your self up. We’re all human.

7. Lastly, what’s a day in your food regimen like?

For breakfast I might need full-fat yoghurt with nuts and blueberries or a handmade smoothie with for instance kefir, cucumber, spinach, celery, chia seeds and an entire avocado in it.

For lunch I take a (very substantial) salad into work (for instance a salad with three eggs or so, not simply inexperienced leaves) or make a soup with my latest gadget, a soup maker, earlier than work (actually solely takes 10min arms on work, then the machine does the remaining, whereas I prepare). I like to make use of numerous coconut cream in my soups, as they preserve me full longer.

For dinner it’s often fish or meat with two vegetable aspect dishes.

Thanks once more, Dr Stefanie! 

Need to know extra about how your food regimen impacts your pores and skin and what’s the perfect food regimen for pores and skin glowing? Then, don’t neglect to go to Dr Stefanie’s web site, FuturApproved.com.

You too can get her e-book, “Future Proof Your Pores and skin: Sluggish Down Your Organic Clock By Altering The Means You Eat” on Amazon and sustain with Dr Stefanie on Twitter.

So, is your food regimen as wholesome as you thought?

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