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Offering dental care to rural communities: Kasguma, Pakistan

7 Sept 2015
There are numerous locations around the globe which have been unable to get even probably the most primary dental care, however what do you do when it’s a must to present assist to over 250 thousand individuals over 40 miles of typically harsh and difficult terrain? I’ve been supporting a just lately opened hospital in Kasguma, within the Puma district of Pakistan Kashmir, and will likely be visiting it in November to see how the brand new hospital helps individuals each day.
Earlier than the hospital in Kasguma opened the individuals within the Puma district of Pakistan Kashmir have been compelled to journey about 4 hours to Islamabad on pretty tough roads to obtain medical remedy…not a lot good should you have been in want of pressing care! Because it was opened the hospital has been in a position to provide important, lifesaving remedy to hundreds of individuals, together with 750 individuals in July alone.
Whereas Pakistan has personal dentists, therapies are costly and public dentistry is proscribed, leading to lengthy ready instances for these unable to afford …

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