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The Finest Shampoo – Iles System

Iles System has received one more award! NEW BEAUTY, the main authority on all issues magnificence, has awarded us with this coveted recognition.

Magnificence editors and insiders can’t get sufficient of the ILES System Shampoo Haute Efficiency and the transformational impact it has on hair. The creamy texture, salon-worthy scent and sulfate-free formulation are a bonus.


The Iles System Shampoo is a strong product, formulated with probably the most unique, excessive performing, sustainably sourced, antioxidant-rich components that are completely pH balanced to work for all ages and hair varieties to attain phenomenal outcomes. The Iles System Shampoo is a delicate but efficient cleanser that not solely removes impurities but additionally softens the hair and evens out porosity. This important first step units the stage for the hair restore course of, making certain that subsequent therapies can penetrate deeply and ship most advantages.

  • Clinically confirmed to cease hair breakage when used alongside the Iles System Conditioner.
  • A Colorist’s greatest buddy; refreshes all hair coloration by buffing over porosity bars usually present in boring blondes and extensions.
  • Critiques are testimony to the spectacular lustre our Shampoo brings to all hair colours.
  • Recognized for its capacity to calm delicate scalps together with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and child’s cradle cap.

What’s extra everybody can expertise this formulation because it’s for all ages and all hair varieties.

The Iles System Shampoo is phenomenal – not only for coloration handled hair, however for its capacity to cease hair breakage when used along with the Iles Conditioner


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