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The Gray Delay Booster – Iles Method

Is gray hair reversible in any case?

Introducing the most recent addition to the inaugural Iles Method assortment: The Gray Delay Booster – A revolutionary, botanical remedy that stimulates the restoration of your pure hair coloration, that includes Silverfree™ + Melanogray™.

Silver strands are nothing to be afraid of, at Iles Method we love ALL hair and have created formulation that work to deliver one of the best out of your gray. Nonetheless, there are those that need a bit extra management on their facet. Should you’re not able to say goodbye to your pure hair coloration then this product is for you. 

There are a number of components that contribute to gray hair. Genetics, age, and stress are all generally recognized components. Nonetheless, one of many largest causes is now recognized to be environmental and life-style components. Oxidative stress from free radicals associated to air pollution, publicity to sure chemical compounds, solar, smoking, and vitamin deficiencies all contribute to gray hair. It’s potential to delay the onset of gray hair by defending the hair follicle from these oxidative stresses. 

The best way to use

Step 1: Spray evenly to the scalp, specializing in areas of  gray or white hair. Use it each day on moist or dry hair.

Step 2:  Step 1:Therapeutic massage into the scalp to make sure even distribution. Don’t rinse.  

Step 3: Proceed remedy each day for no less than 3 months. 


Residue Free + Stain Free + Drug Free


Components Highlights

Clinically confirmed substances restore present gray hair to the true pure hair coloration given to us by our DNA by boosting melanin manufacturing inside the hair follicle. The Iles Method Gray Delay Booster, accomplishes this via  not one, however a number of proprietary blends meticulously designed by our crew of scientists. 


SilverfreeTM is a potent, drug-free ingredient clinically confirmed to delay white or gray hair. It re- educates the hair follicle to revive one’s genuine hair pigmentation whereas providing safety in opposition to oxidative harm brought on by cell exercise and
exposome. This helps to harmonise hair color and offers a remnant
impact that is still for not less than 4 months after the final utility.

MELANOGRAY™ is a clinically examined anti-hair gray essence sustainably sourced from upcycled peel paste from the natural Chios mandarin, which is especially wealthy in important oils and antioxidants akin to phenolic acids, flavonoids, limonoids and carotenoids. An up-cycling course of extracts useful molecules. These are supplemented with acetyl tyrosine, an amino acid that’s very important for the melanin synthesis within the melanocytes and helps the formulation effectivity.


Alleviates irritation within the scalp and hair follicles, creating the optimum surroundings for wholesome hair development and melanin manufacturing. 


Botanical that mimics botox results, reversing scalp ageing.


Remaining Ideas

There’s no reversing what’s preprogrammed inside our DNA – it’s our predetermined code that makes us fantastically distinctive. Nonetheless, we are able to forestall untimely greys brought on by life-style decisions, dietary deficiencies, and stress by lowering irritation, getting all our needed nutritional vitamins, and concentrating on follicular melanin with topical developments such because the Gray Delay Booster.


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