polyvinyl alcohol in skincare

Ever puzzled how peel-off masks work? I imply, you form of know learn how to use them: you apply them in your pores and skin and after 20 minutes, you peel them off such as you would an orange – therefore the title. However what makes this motion attainable? Polyvinyl Alcohol. It’s the key juice that makes them magically peel off your pores and skin… and irritate it actual dangerous. Yep, there’s a motive I hardly ever evaluate peel-off masks right here. I’m simply NOT a fan -and this alcohol is a giant motive for it. Right here’s all the pieces you should find out about it:

What Is Polyvinyl Alcohol?

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water-soluble artificial polymer of Vinyl Alcohol . It seems to be like a white, odourless, and tasteless powder. There actually isn’t way more to say about it.

What Does Polyvinyl Alcohol Do In Skincare Merchandise?

A mulit-tasker, Polyvinyl Alcohol has three jobs in skincare:

  • Binder: It holds collectively the substances of a compressed pill or cake, in order that they don’t crack or crumble again right into a powder or disagreeable texture.
  • Movie-former: It reacts with the air to type a tough, plastic layer in your pores and skin that may be peeled off your face. Actually. That is how peel-off masks work. Whereas it’s at it, this layer additionally retains moisture into the pores and skin, serving to it keep softer and smoother. After all, the impact is just non permanent.
  • Thickener: It will increase the thickness of the oil portion of skincare and private care merchandise.

Wish to know what substances you actually need to keep away from in your skincare merchandise? Signal as much as the publication under to obtain the “Skincare Substances To Keep away from” cheatsheet:

Polyvinyl Alcohol Aspect Results?

The Beauty Ingredient Assessment Professional Panel claims Polyvinyl Alcohol is protected and non-irritating. That’s true – in small concentrations. If you happen to discover some in a moisturiser or lotion, it’s not a motive for concern.

Peel-off masks are a unique story. Right here, Polyvinyl Alcohol is utilized in a lot larger concentrations (as excessive as 90%!). That, coupled with the mechanical removing of the masks (which is traumatic in itself and may take away useless pores and skin off your face – and never within the cool, exfoliating approach), makes them irritating.

That’s why I DON’T suggest peel-off masks. I attempted a charcoal masks as soon as and by no means once more. Taking it off damage a lot. Ouch! However in the event you’d like to make use of one, go for a peel-off masks with hydrating and skin-repairing substances, like Hyaluronic Acid and ceramides, that may offset its drying uncomfortable side effects just a little.

The Backside Line

Polyvinyl Alcohol is protected in small doses. However steer clear of peel-off masks. Within the excessive concentrations used right here, it may be drying, irritating, and total dangerous for pores and skin.