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What’s Hair Botox Therapy? – Iles System

I do know what chances are you’ll be pondering, is hair botox a remedy that injects needles into the scalp? Relaxation assured, hair botox will not be a surgical nor invasive remedy in any respect. It’s a kind of deep conditioning and smoothing remedy that may be achieved sitting comfortably in your salon chair and even at house.


Key Takeaways:

  • Hair Botox combines pure components that work their magic by penetrating the hair shaft and repairing the hair from the within out. It targets the cuticle and cortex of the hair to revive its well being and power. It seals the hair cuticle, decreasing frizz and providing you with that beautiful shine.
  • One of many many perks of Hair Botox is that it will increase hair power. It infuses your hair with a mix of proteins, nutritional vitamins, and amino acids that restore broken hair and make it extra resilient to break, breakage, and warmth styling. 
  • To make sure your hair stays wholesome and nourished after your Hair Botox remedy, use Iles System’s Unique Signature Assortment. Our Conditioner Haute Efficiency is designed to hydrate and soften your hair, leaving it with a wholesome shine. 
  • Following a Hair Botox remedy, keep away from warmth styling instruments like flat irons or curling irons, as they will strip your hair of the remedy and trigger injury. 


What is Hair Botox Treatment? by Iles Formula


What makes it a “Botox” remedy?

Hair botox is called an anti-aging hair remedy. It will possibly remodel even essentially the most broken head of hair into easy and lustrous locks. After washing and utterly drying your hair, it’s lathered with a deep conditioning remedy which might be free from chemical substances. It feeds your hair with 100% pure components together with proteins, nutritional vitamins, antioxidants and oils. The remedy is sealed into your hair with a flat iron. Afterwards, you’ll bask in easy, hydrated and rejuvenated hair.

One of many principal advantages of getting hair botox is that your hair will turn into frizz-free and manageable for as much as a number of months. Subsequently, it’s excellent for individuals who should take care of scorching and humid climate or over-processed hair from coloring and frequent use of warmth instruments.


What is Hair Botox Treatment? by Iles Formula


Hair Botox vs. Keratin

Many individuals examine hair botox to keratin straightening remedy as they each are used to realize easy and manageable hair. Brazilian keratin remedies are very heavy on chemical substances corresponding to formaldehyde, which is a robust poisonous chemical that’s typically utilized in family merchandise. It will possibly trigger pores and skin irritation, allergy symptoms and dry out your hair. So, whereas it relaxes your hair to turn into extra manageable, it’s extra damaging to the well being of your hair.

Hair botox is a kind of deep-conditioning remedy so your hair will really feel smoother and extra hydrated than getting a keratin remedy. Plus, you do not want to attend 3 days for the keratin to seal in. So you possibly can wash your hair or leap right into a pool on the identical day if you happen to’d like.

Clean Hair with Dwelling Care

After getting a  remedy like both of  above achieved, house care is important.  It’s possible you’ll even take into account doing a restore remedy just like the Iles System Nurture Pack  earlier than going the step additional as above. These formulation have the facility to remodel dry, damaged hair to luxurious silk simply in a shampoo  and situation remedy. Actually, what occurs right here is true restore. The hair shaft is the principle focus closing down all cuticles which might be interrupting the hairs texture, delivering comfortable, repaired lustrous hair from the primary use.


  1. Shampoo your hair twice, the Iles shampoo has components that nurture hair, the shampoo is sulfate free + silicon free + paraben free. All one must do is add extra water no more product. The water is the important thing to get up the basis extract that delivers the vital components that nurture the hair.
  2. Apply the Iles hair masks which is a cocktail of uncooked virgin components infused with nutritional vitamins so apply liberally to hair and scalp. Depart on for five to twenty minutes
  3. Rinse and apply the conditioner. The Iles conditioner works like no different. It doesn’t coat the hair shaft with keratin or protein. It capabilities by shutting down tight the hair cuticles. Regardless if you happen to do a keratin remedy or a botox remedy or not, this conditioner is the jewel for all house care.
  4. Comb the conditioner by way of for even distribution. All knots, tangles and snags will simply ease away, being the primary signal of the luscious silk you’re about to expertise.
  5. Bear in mind that is a sophisticated house care remedy, not a everlasting keratin or protein remedy however ought to most definitely comply with these remedies. In case of doubt, in case you are to do a keratin or botox remedy begin with this house care. It might be all it’s worthwhile to restore and management undesirable frizz

What is Hair Botox Treatment? by Iles Formula




What number of instances can I Botox my hair?

Typically, it is really helpful to attend at the very least 8-10 weeks between Botox remedies, giving your hair time to get well and making certain remedy effectiveness. Nonetheless, in case your hair is in notably dangerous situation, you would possibly want to attend a bit longer earlier than one other remedy.


Is Botox hair remedy costly?

The price of Botox hair remedy varies relying on the salon and your hair’s size and thickness. You possibly can anticipate costs to vary from $100 to $300, however once more, this relies largely on the circumstances. 


Does Botox enhance hair development?

Whereas Botox hair remedy would not enhance hair development, it might probably make your hair seem fuller and thicker. The remedy repairs broken hair and reduces frizz, giving your hair a fuller, more healthy look.


Can I oil my hair after Botox?

Sure, you possibly can oil your hair after a Botox remedy. Simply be certain to make use of a lightweight oil free from harsh chemical substances, which may injury your hair. Additionally, keep away from oiling your hair too usually, as this may weigh it down and make it look greasy.

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